V. Kirkwood Author and Publisher

Valerie Kirkwood is a free-lance journalist and photographer who's work has appeared in Canadian and U.S. magazines. An award-winning writer, her work has appeared in many magazines in both countries.

Awards include:
Larry Turner Award for Non-Fiction, 2000. River Time
Honourable Mention, The Joker is Wild, 2001, Valley Writers Guild. Train Wreck in Merrickville
3rd place, Seasons Writing Competition - the Magazine of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, 2001. Mudpuppies, Anyone?
2nd place, Duncan Campbell Scott Essay Contest 2003. While Feeding the Horses

Books available on-line in many popular e-reader formats as well as text and .pdf formats:


Ley Riders
on Smashwords.com and
Ley Riders on Amazon.com.


How to Organize a Small Horse Show
on Smashwords.com

Acting as a literary executor for Sansoucy Kathenor, Valerie Kirkwood has published Kathenor's Puss In Bytes and Death and Taxeson Smashwords.com .

For a complete bibliography of Valerie D. Kirkwood's works, please visit the publications list

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